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Carpet Fibers
What does the "Seal of Approval" mean?
Green Label Pad---What does that mean?
What does the "Green Label Plus" Symbol on Carpet Really Mean?
What's the big hype about LVP & LVT??


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Carpet Fibers

Several different types of fiber are used to make Carpet, but these are the most commonly used. They arenylon,polyester,olefin(also known as polypropylene) andwool. All of these except for wool are synthetic fibers.
  • Nylon- Most widely used of the synthetic fibers. Offers the best resiliency among the synthetics along with good stain and abrasion resistance.
  • Polyester- Is best at retaining color and won't fade over time. It's also capable of providing a very soft feel though it's not as resilient as nylon and is more prone to crushing and matting.

What does the "Seal of Approval" mean?

If You Can Measure It, You Can Improve It

This statement is what CRI’s Seal of Approval (SOA) program is all about. We wanted to know how well vacuums, extractors and cleaning solutions worked to clean carpet, so we developed the carpet industry’s only scientific program to test and measure the effectiveness of cleaning products and equipment. The results help consumers make informed decisions and manufacturers improve their products. So, carpets are cleaner, healthier and last longer. Everyone benefits.

Green Label Pad---What does that mean?

Green Label Cushion Testing Protocol And Product Requirements

CRI established the Green Label program to test for volatile organic compounds in cushion used under carpet.  This program helps the carpet manufacturer, installer and end user identify and utilize low-emission cushion.

Cushion products that meet the current emissions criteria can display the program’s green and white seal.  Products are retested regularly for continued compliance, so specifiers seeking a low-emitting cushion can confidently select one bearing the Green Label.

What does the "Green Label Plus" Symbol on Carpet Really Mean?

Green Label Plus: A Higher Standard For Indoor Air Quality

Today, indoor air quality (IAQ) is an important environmental consideration, especially since we spend approximately 90 percent of our time indoors. In 1992, CRI launched its Green Label program to test carpet, cushions and adhesives to help specifiers identify products with very low emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Subsequently, CRI launched the Green Label Plus programs for carpet, adhesives and cushion. These enhanced programs set higher standards for IAQ and ensure that customers are purchasing the very lowest emitting products on the market.

What's the big hype about LVP & LVT??

Few flooring materials have stormed the industry ramparts like luxury vinyl tile. In commercial as well as residential settings, LVT is expanding options for designers and specifiers alike.  Luxury Vinyl Tile is something of a newcomer to the floor covering scene, yet it’s growing like wildfire: it’s today’s “It” category.

This interest has been driven first by styling and the opportunity for new looks, whether it’s a look inspired by natural materials, textiles or abstract concepts. But interest has only grown as designers and facilities managers have discovered LVT’s quality, durability, superior performance, low maintenance, lower life cycle cost, and ease of installation.

Carpet Types: What Is The Best Carpet For Your Home

Finding the best carpet for your home starts out simple and quickly becomes complicated. You know you want something that will look good in your home, feel great, and most importantly, stay that way for years to come. So you go to the local carpet store or home center and that's when it gets complicated.

Unlike shopping for cars or clothes, a lot of different carpet styles look very similar, yet prices vary and there's a reason for that. The fiber that is used to make the yarn that is then made into carpet is where the difference starts.

Why Homeowners Love Their Luxury Vinyl Tile Floors

Luxury Vinyl Tile floors are designed to capture the timeless look of natural stone tile flooring, wood planks and ceramic tile floors, while providing an extremely durable and comfortable surface for everyday living. Luxury Vinyl Tile comes in many extremely fashionable designs ranging from contemporary to rustic and many feature deep embossing for stunning realism. Many of the designs can be installed with grout or without grout, for a true stone or ceramic tile appearance.

LVT Benefits & Features

Polyester Carpets

Polyesters are not the same these days as what they were in the past.  They have come along way in the past 5 years.  They are more durable, softer and come in a wide range of colors and styles.  All manufacturers:  Shaw, Mohawk, Beaulieu, Dixie, Southwinds, Godrey Hurst, and Kane...to name a few, have polyester carpets.  Just like Nylon, pile height, weight and density are all important factors when purchasing a polyester carpet. 

Polyester carpets are inherently stain and fade resistant.

New Carpet Tiles

Looking for a new twist on Carpet?  Well, carpet tiles may be the way to go.  There are so many new styles and colors out now.  It's not just for commercial spaces.  Carpet tiles will still run you a little more than a mid grade broadloom carpet, but the benefits out weigh the cost.  Damage a broadloom carpet and you are stuck with ugly carpet or a patched carpet.  With carpet tiles, you can just pop out the damaged carpet piece and install a new one...easy!  Carpet tiles will start in the $18-19 sq yd price (or $2-2.

Misperception About Carpets & Allergies

Clearing the air..(from the Carpet and Rug Institute Website)
Asthma and allergies: Although we might not normally associate carpet with improved indoor air quality, it does have a very positive effect. Gravity causes common household particles, such as dust, pollen and pet and insect dander, to fall to the floor.  Carpet fibers trap the particles, reducing their continued circulation in the air.  Proper cleaning withCRI-approved vacuumseffectively removes dust and allergens from the carpet, locks them in the machine and helps keep them out of the air we breathe.

Wondering...Who is Beaulieu Carpets

Write your post here.

Soft carpets

Most of the manufacturers today are fighting to see who can produce the softest carpet.  Don't be fooled.  Because something is very soft does not mean that it is better.  You must look at the pile height, density, and ounces which are more important than softness.  A low, tight, cut pile carpet will always wear better than it's softer counterparts.  Just because it is soft does not mean it will perform well.  Typically, if the fiber is too soft, it will not spring back like one that is not as soft.

Mohawk New Fiber

DALTON (September 16, 2011)— Mohawk’s largest and most popular annual sales event is just one week away and the company’s aligned retailers are preparing for an increase in business during the five-week sale. The 2011 Mohawk Anniversary Sale features enticing customer incentives and never-seen-before offerings, includingthree, ALL-NEW SmartStrand with DuPont Sorona carpet stylesintroduced exclusively for this event.
“Our aligned retailers look forward to the Mohawk Anniversary Sale each year because they know Mohawk will deliver exciting offers, which will motivate their customers to buy today,” said Jenny Nichols, Director of Retail Marketing.

Shaw closes Georgia Plant

DALTON, Ga — One of northwest Georgia’s largest carpet companies has announced that it will close a manufacturing facility in Dalton, known for decades as the nation’s carpet capital.
The Daily Citizen reports that the closing of Shaw’s plant on Riverbend Drive will result in 270 layoffs.
The Chattanooga Times Free Press reports that the plant will close within the next 60 days.
The latest announcement comes after Shaw announced layoffs in Eton and Ringgold in August, on top of the closure of a Chatsworth plant in April.

Shaw sells share to Toshiba

Shaw Group Inc. confirmed plans to sell its 20% stake in Westinghouse Electric Co. back to Toshiba Corp. (TOSYY, 6502.TO), a move that will eliminate about $1.7 billion of Shaw's debt.
The Wall Street Journal reported Monday that Toshiba was in talks to buy out Shaw Group's 20% stake in the nuclear power-plant company, which would wipe out any U.S. ownership of the 125-year-old American company.
In October 2006, Toshiba paid about $4.2 billion for 77% of Westinghouse, whose roots date back to 1886.
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