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Get Ready for New Flooring Checklist & Disclosure for Homeowners/Tenants-- effective 01/01/2018


  • We diligently monitor our employees and installers for COVID symptoms. Due to the unknowns of how and when a person may be infected by the Virus, we are not responsible if you acquire COVID19 as a result of having new flooring installed in your home.
  • Remove all items from the bottom of closets and out of work area prior to installation day.
  • Disconnect all electronics such as Computers, Televisions, Radios, DVD Players, and Speakers and wrap cords to protect them. Move items out of the work areas if Molina’s is not being contracted to move these items. Molina’s is not responsible for damaged caused by moving electronics. Molina’s does not connect any type of electronics and is not responsible for any electronic damages as a result of you not having it already disconnected prior to our arrival.
  • Remove breakables, whatnots, and antiques out of the work area prior to installation day, including one of a kind items.
  • Remove bedding from beds, as we will need to turn mattresses & box springs on their sides to move them in and out of the rooms.
  • If our installers get bed bugs from installation in your home. You agree to pay for remediation.
  • Please make plans for children and pets for the day of installation for their own safety.
  • We do not move pool tables and fish tanks or water beds.
  • Empty bookcases and China Cabinets- they cannot be moved if items are left on them.
  • Stove Gas Lines and Refrigerator Water Lines must be disconnected prior to installer arrival.
  • We will disconnect and attempt to re-connect the washer and dryer if new flooring is being installed in those areas. You must verify there are no issues with your connections prior to our crew leaving the jobsite. You may need to replace hoses and connectors due to their age and/or they may break during the moving process. These items are not covered under any warranty by Molina’s and you understand if replacement is needed, Molina’s is not responsible for the cost of doing so. If you are not home when we leave, it is your responsibility to verify your connections are adequate and are installed properly prior to using the equipment. Water loss/damages as a result of hose failure or incorrect connection is not warranted by Molina Carpets.
  • Remove any electrical cords or wires that run under the carpets, prior to installation day. We are not responsible for cut lines.
  • You have a one year installation warranty from the date of your installation.  Warranty related to defects in the installation process as laid out by the Carpet and Rug Institute.  Any defects noted after one year are not warrantied.  
  • If you have a security system, please let us know prior to beginning work. We are not responsible for alarm fees or cut wiring.
  • An Adult (person over 18 years of age) must be available for contact over the phone, during the entire installation process for any questions that may arise. (they do not need to be onsite the whole time, but must be able to readily reach them if needed)
  • If there is no electricity at the work site, we will need to know prior to arriving at the work site. We will need to bring a generator to complete the work and additional charges will apply. Temperature needs to be 65-80 degrees in your home before, during and after installation for warranty purposes.
  • It may be necessary to do some touch up painting on walls & base boards after your new flooring has been installed. It is not something that happens on every job and we try our best to prevent these occurrences. We do not pay for touch up cost for scuffs, scratches and paint chips. This may happen as part of the installation process and is unavoidable due to the demolition and installation process. New or fresh paint mars and scratches more easily than older paint, so please understand that even being extremely careful, your paint may still be scuffed during the install process. Every job is different and some may require more touchup than other. We do not pay for wall and baseboard damages as a result of such.
  • Due to the increased height of your new flooring, doors may need to be cut. If doors must be cut, a carpenter would need to do this and it is not included in Molina Carpets pricing. Your carpet may also be a lower pile than your previously installed carpet and as a result you may see/notice a more pronounced gap in between the baseboard and your new flooring. This is not an installation defect and is not covered/paid under your warranty or contract.
  • We are not licensed plumbers.  If you choose to ask us to pull & reset your toilet, you understand we are not licensed plumbers and there is not warranty for this.  We are not responsible for leaks or defects as a result of Molina's pulling and resetting your toilet.  
  • Hardwood and Tile shade variations are not a defect. Your actual material may look slightly different than the sample board due to shade variations or dye lot difference- this is normal and is not a defect.
  • Hardwood and Tile are non-returnable. Once the material is ordered or delivered to your home- it is yours. We do not accept returns for extra material. You have approved your estimate based on the total amount, not specifically based on the quantity amount. If you have material left over, it is yours to store or dispose of- we do not refund extra materials.
  • We give approximate arrival times for your installation to begin, but due to traffic or extenuating circumstances their arrival time may be delayed. Please call our office if your installer has not arrived within 1 hours of your scheduled start time.
  • Hardwood flooring may require acclimation of at least 1-7 days prior to installation. Please allow space to store the hardwood inside your home-not the garage- for the acclimation process.
  • Final Payment is due on the day of installation.  All balances not paid on the day of installation will be subject to a $50 late fee.  It is important that you are prepared to make that final payment on the day we install your flooring.  You not being on site is not a reason not to pay.  We can take payment over the phone for your convenience.  
  • If you have any special installation request or needs, please let us know as soon as possible. So, we can document them on your estimate and invoice to make sure we meet your installation needs. If it is not in writing on your estimate, it is not considered part of your job and is not included in your job cost.

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